I’m almost positive we’ve all heard about Pinterest at this point in our lives and if you haven’t…say, WA?! At first Pinterest was a site for me to look at pretty pictures all day, I’m not kidding I would spend HOURS on that thing and then I decided to create an account so I didn’t have to save every single photo on my laptop anymore…I was running out of space! And now, Pinterest is my daily source of inspiration and my one-stop shop for lifestyle inspo! The thing I love the most about Pinterest is that there is something for absolutely every single person out there. It’s not specifically targeted to women as many may believe, there’s something for men, teens, seniors etc – I remember the first time I introduced my husband to Pinterest he spent a solid hour scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. (for him, that’s huge) It’s quite fascinating that you can literally find whatever you need on one social media platform and it’s a collaborated effort from everyone around the world. #OBSESSED.

Pinterest helped me immensely when I was planning my wedding, planning a décor theme for our condo and looking for inspiration for my blog content among many other things. I’ve learned a lot because of it and it’s the main driver behind my remaining inspired to do better, getting excited to try new things, creating more appealing content and frankly, checking out what the competition is like out there so I can set myself apart from the rest. Ohhh…SHOTS FIRED. Just kidding, I’m a bit hyper. Anyway, if you haven’t checked out my Pinterest page yet…have a gander! I’ve also listed my Pinterest boards below; I’ve grouped them into the life categories that apply to my everyday life and I’m slowly working on further defining my boards to make them even easier to navigate for all my readers. Pinterest is a great way to combine all your sources of inspiration into one online platform; it allows you to upload photos and videos from other websites to even better customize your page to your liking and it’ll give you a quick motivation boost when you’re feeling less creative and/or need new ideas. At the end of the day, you can just consider it as your very own dungeon of all things fabulous.

If you’re not on Pinterest yet, get ON IT! It’s definitely a life changer.

Stay tuned for my next post!

xo Amanda.

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