We spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to BE happy but, what about how to STAY happy? It’s a bit easier to do things that make us happy like go traveling, spend time with loved ones, read a great book, play sports or just chill and watch a movie but after that “event or activity” is over how do we maintain our happiness?

Well, it’s all mental. It’s about making a conscious and constant decision to understand and accept that we can only be in control of ourselves. Often times, it’s the things and/or people around us that contribute to our feelings of sadness or depression; one thing I’ve learned to do is shift my focus from what others are doing and look within at what I’m doing. Instead of why do they or why does this bring me down, I think about why do I let them or it bring me down?

We spend a lot of time trying to figure out how we can change someone in our lives or a particular situation we’re being faced with; that in itself is so draining. To me, it’s the same as trying to figure out why red is red and not blue and why blue is blue and not yellow. It just is, right? The same thing goes for life, some things just are. We don’t know why, we can’t understand why and we might never get the answers we want.

My faith helps me the most; knowing that I don’t have to worry about anything because ultimately God is in control of everything and whatever happens…happens. I’ll find out one day but until then, I’m not going to spend my entire life trying to Detective Columbo every single situation that comes my way. I’ve actually tried that for many many years and trust me, it doesn’t work.

Of course you’re thinking, this is all easier said than done and you’re right.  That’s where simple ways to BE happy come in, it’s a great first step. (post coming soon) Use your passions and your dreams to serve as your driving force to lead the life you want. A life you’re happy with, a life you feel proud of and a life you’ll be more than willing to talk to your children about, your friends when they’re going through a hard time, a stranger, a family member or whomever it may be. You never know who you can help.

I’ve been focusing a lot on self-love these past few months; I enjoy my own company, I stand up for myself and I make plans for my future. Plans that I know I will stick to, the dreams I once had as a little girl…well, they’re back on track!

Little things that don’t mean much bring me the most joy, like finally seeing beautiful lilacs blooming. Ever since I was a little girl, this is what I waited for to know that summer is near.

My mission in life, my purpose and my calling is to help people see and understand life’s simplicity…it feels great to say it out loud and actually believe it.

Stay tuned for my next post!

xo Amanda.

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