#DDSS: How To Stay Organized

Welcome to another edition of my ‘Do, Don’t Say Series’ aka #DDSS. ūüôā

Today, we’re talking organization! I say this all the time, you really can’t get anything accomplished if you’re not organized. There’s way too much going on, on a daily basis for us to remember every single thing we need to do. Thankfully, there are¬†really¬†helpful tools to¬†make it easier to get¬†a handle on things and prevent us from feeling overwhelmed.

Personally, I love agendas and notebooks. I’m a very visual person and I need to see everything on paper, I need to feel it and touch it! Weird? I think not! I get a great sense of satisfaction when¬†I cross things off my ‘To-Do’ list…I’m telling you, it’s the little things that matter!¬†ūüėČ

I use an agenda to jot down all my weekly activities, bill payment due dates, days off, birthdays, events etc.

I use¬†a notebook to jot down a list of general¬†tasks I need to complete;¬†they don’t necessarily need to¬†get done within a day or a week but they definitely need to get done within the month.

I highly encourage you to get your hands on a great, visually appealing agenda, notebook and/or notepad. I really love shopping for these items at Chapters because of their quality products, affordable prices and unique pieces.

  Pen Loop Journal

  Cute Owl Clipboard

  12-month Agenda

Before you think I’m some crazy girl who¬†walks around with an agenda AND a notebook everywhere¬†I go, let me stop you right there!¬†I don’t. That would take up way too much space and it would stress me out! Here’s what I do…every night before I go to bed, I¬†dedicate 15-20 minutes to planning. I grab¬†a cup of tea and sit at my desk to go over what I’ve accomplished that day, what task I need to BF and if¬†there’s anything else I need to add to my list. (BF = Bring Forward)

When that’s done…I park both my agenda & notebook! They don’t leave¬†the house.¬†The daily tool I use to keep track of the things I need to do is my good ol iPhone 6 ‘Calendar’ app! Once I update it with my weekly tasks, I’m good to go.¬†For those of you who prefer to¬†use their phones to set reminders, write to-do lists and/or keep track of bills, this is PERFECT. You bring your phone everywhere with you anyways, right? It’s free, simple and SO easy to use.

So, tell me…how do you stay organized?

Stay tuned for my next post!

xo Amanda


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