Hello beautiful people!

Happy February! I always look forward to the 1st day of every month because it’s an opportunity for me (and all of us) to accomplish another set of goals! This month, I’m turning my back on 5 things I’ve been dwelling in and I’m ready to share those with you. Check it…

  1. Comparing myself to other bloggers – I can’t compare someone else’s middle to my beginning, le duh!
  2. Not working out enough – as long as Winter feels, Spring will be here in no time and Lord knows I don’t want to be stuck inside a gym 24/7 once the weather gets warmer because I didn’t take advantage of the colder months to get my booty in better shape!
  3. Not enjoying the fruits of my labour – work hard, play hard…play smart! I want to enjoy my hard work, if it means taking a personal day to get a facial, manicure, buying a cool new outfit or going to the movies…I’m doing it.
  4. Not listening to enough music – I need to feed my soul, one of the ways I used to do that was by listening to music and I can’t tell you why but I’ve stopped and I’m starting that up again.
  5. Letting what people think of me & what people have done to me that’s hurt me control me – the past is the past and it ends there.

What are your February goals? How do you feel about goal setting? Overwhelming? Exciting? Bleh? Let me know. 🙂

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