Coffee + Confidence

Salut, mes amours! / Hi, my loves!

Today, I’m talking about coffee and I’m talking about confidence! Two things I’m obsessed with and two things that have completely changed my life…I’ll explain.

We’ve all experienced a moment in our lives where our self-confidence has been completely shattered or a moment where we’ve been told we’re not as good as the girl or guy next door. Unfortunately, many of us spend a good portion of our lives believing that nonsense. Myself included.

My coffee + confidence journey started a few years ago when my fiancée and I started dating and I quickly realized that Latinos are SERIOUS about their coffee. I mean, they have a cup of coffee after almost every meal! At first, I thought it was a bit much but once I realized how a cup of ‘cafesito’ was an opportunity for family & friends to sit, talk and truly enjoy each other’s company I actually started looking forward to that cup of coffee.

Believe it or not, I started using that same ‘bonding method’ and incorporating it in my daily one-on-one time with myself. I start every day with a good cup of coffee, a lovely conversation with God and a few hype words to myself. Whether it’s “dang girl, you look great today!” or “I’m proud of you, you’re working hard”, I try my hardest not to seek self-validation from others. Confidence is not only about feeling good on the outside, it’s about feeling good on the inside. The time I get to spend with myself thinking about everything and nothing  and a flavourful cup of coffee are moments I truly look forward to. I enjoy my own company.

I realized that not only have I developed a palette for really great coffee but I’ve made huge improvements in my self-love and confidence journey. Confidence is not cockiness, self-love is not hate towards others and putting yourself first does not mean you’re selfish.

I know that many of you can relate to this and I know that we’re all on our own path towards self-love and confidently leading a life we are proud of. If I can give anyone any advice on being confident and loving themselves, I would say this:

  1. Find what makes you happy, whether it’s big or small, and never let it go.
  2. Remind yourself that you were made 100% unique! You’re not supposed to look like anyone else so, stop comparing yourself to others.
  3. Take care of yourself physically and you’ll be rewarded mentally.

So, tell me…what do you do to boost your confidence? Any ‘hype’ words you’d like to share? 🙂

p.s. shout out to Cafe Cristal for serving me the BEST Vanilla Latte I’ve ever had.

Stay tuned for my next post!

xo Amanda.

Photo Credit: Lisa Provencal Photography.


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