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Blouse: Forever 21 | Trousers: Trouvé (similar here and here) | Heels: Spring (similar here) | Tote: H & M | Eyeglasses: Coach

I know mornings can be hectic and our getting ready for work time is always limited BUT there’s something about dressing up for work from time to time that personally makes me feel great about my early mornings. Today, I’m sharing a simple & classic 9-5 outfit that’s easy to put together and very stylish for the office. I paired the perfect black trouser (got these at 50% off) with a flowy white blouse and my go-to work heels to create this look; as someone who sits for most of her day, these trousers are extremely comfortable and the fabric is so soft and not restrictive at all! The sleeves on this blouse add a bit of chic to the outfit and I got it for less than $30! It’s important to feel comfortable at work but also to dress for the job you want and not necessarily for the job you have. With that said, there’s nothing wrong with dressing down or taking full advantage of ‘Casual Fridays’ at the office whenever you feel like it. There are a few staple clothing items you should have in your closet to build your 9-5 wardrobe and here are a few to consider:

  • Work Dress
  • Fitted Blazer (going for a floral or semi-colourful blazer would be great for putting over an all-black outfit)
  • White blouse
  • Cardigan
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Black Trousers
  • Black and/or Nude Low-Mid Heel (because who wants to strut around the office for 8 hours in 6 inch heels?)
  • Loafers or Ballet Flats

You don’t have to go broke to be stylish, you just have to invest in the right clothing items that are versatile, comfortable and fit your body type & style. Building a wardrobe takes months, even years and since our sense of style is always changing…it can be a lifelong process. But a fun one 🙂

Stay tuned for my next post!

xo Amanda.


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