EXPLORE / January 10, 2018

5 Ways To Enjoy Winter

  1. Take part in a winter sporting activity like skating, snowboarding or skiing; it’s a great way to stay active during the winter months.
  2. Make your way to a local winter festival or event; just because it’s winter it doesn’t mean that you can’t get involved in local city events and have fun while doing it.
  3. Grab a beaver tail and visit a new cool coffee shop for a latte or an extra warm cup of hot coco. (for my foodies out there)
  4. Don’t stop going for walks! The outdoors and it’s therapeutic ability to make you feel rejuvenated doesn’t stop because it’s cold out; the cold and fresh air is good for you but mind you, if it’s -40…stay inside!
  5. Purchase one or two cute winter accessories like a cute hat, scarf or mittens that will make you feel a bit more stylish and less of a marshmallow when you’re out in your parka.

All in all, I know being outside when it’s cold is not pleasant but there’s always a way to have fun and make the best out of these colder months. So…get out there, have fun but stay safe and listen to your local news channel for your cold weather warnings and snowstorm alerts.

Stay tuned for my next post!

xo Amanda.


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