5 Things I Learned About Myself While Planning My Wedding

1. I’m an unhealthy people pleaser and it has to change: there’s a difference between being reasonable, understanding and flexible and being a slave to people’s thoughts and opinions. I found myself battling with this a lot over the last 11 months; I was putting what’s important to me and my core values last when they should have been put first. I’ve now learned (1.5 months before my wedding lol) that standing my ground for the things that mean the most to me is A-Okay. Now, I cannot WAIT to get married! ūüôā

2. Just because I don’t like things that are too¬†fancy, shiny or¬†glitz-y, it doesn’t make me less of a woman: The wedding industry is crazy! Crazy amazing and¬†crazy extravagant…I seriously commend those who work in¬†it day in and day out – you all do such a phenomenal job! For me though, it was sometimes¬†a challenge trying to describe my vision to others. Whether it be my dress, the venue, the d√©cor, my hair etc…I really had to be confident¬†in the fact that I’m a simple woman and that doesn’t make me basic or less of a woman. No, I don’t want that $1000 veil,¬†I don’t like too much bling and no, I don’t want to spend $5000 on flowers. It’s not because I don’t value my wedding,¬†I do, but I know deep down that I want my wedding to portray my fianc√© and I.¬†We want people¬†to get the intimate, relaxed, kickin’ it with¬†family and friends vibe on our day.¬†That’s what¬†matters to us.

3. I can juggle a lot of tasks at the same time but I forget¬†my ‘me time’: This year has been the busiest year of my life, there’s always something going on or something I need to be handling for the wedding.¬†Since I’m an event planner at heart, I decided to be my own event planner. I have my excel spreadsheets, receipts book, Pinterest boards and everything that needs to be done or has been done is downloaded in my brain and on paper so I can stay on top of everything. A month or two ago, I started feeling really stressed…it started to kick in that I’ve been like the Energizer bunny ever since we got engaged and I haven’t had a full day to myself to just enjoy my-self. As the wedding is fast approaching, I’m making THIS a priority.

4.¬†I love planning events…I could do it all day every day but not for myself: Planning an event, especially a wedding and being the first of four daughters to do so comes with a lot of pressure. Everyone is (understandably) excited and filled with great ideas which I love but when you’re someone like me who’s extremely simple, low key¬†and doesn’t like too much attention on her it can be a bit of a challenge. Nonetheless, I’ve gotten a lot of support during my engagement from family and friends and I am so blessed. I now know…that if you need an event planned in a day or a year I can get it DONE and done RIGHT. But my own events, I’ll keep them to a minimum lol.

5. I care more about preparing for my marriage than preparing for my wedding: Over the last few months I’ve really been focusing on how to prepare for my marriage and less about the wedding day. The wedding is a beautiful day and¬†a joyous occasion but making sure my marriage is centered on God and that my fianc√© and I will be the type of person we need to be for one another is way more important and crucial. After the I Do’s, the dinner, the cake and the dancing and even after the honeymoon comes life with one person forever. That in itself, although sometimes scary, is such a massive commitment to make and I care more about making sure I’m¬†prepared and well equipped¬†to do life with my man forever.

Am I the only one who feels that they learned a lot about themselves while planning their wedding? Let me know in the comments below or on Insta! #TheSimpleLifeBlog

Stay tuned for my next post!

xo Amanda

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