5 Simple Steps To Slow Life Down This Summer

Even for an event planner like me, planning my wedding has been…an adventure. I’ve learned a lot about myself over the past ten months (post to come on this soon!) and as we approach the two-month countdown, I’m making it a priority to slow life down as much as I can. Don’t get me wrong, I love being busy and being on the go but I’ve sacrificed tranquility and I really feel it’s now time to give it its place back in my life. Here are five simple steps I’ve been taking to slow life down that could be very helpful to you…

  1. Go outside: We spend a lot of time indoors behind a computer, at a desk, or in a car driving from location to location or appointment to appointment but the feeling of being outside with no where to go, simply taking in the beautiful weather is like no other. This is huge for me because being outside is what helps me clear my mind and regain my peace. I dare you to try it, head out and enjoy the breeze.
  2. Opt out of some summer events: I get it, summer is THE time for all social events so I can understand that we want to be out and about! Yes, the weather is beautiful, the patios are open and once it gets hot enough most of us are going to want to be pool sidin’ it all the time. But, with that comes being busy every weekend and sometimes several weeknights and then we’re left not really enjoying summer, just rushing through it. So once again…kick FOMO to the curb! Opt out of some events so you can really enjoy (and be awake) for the ones that are most important to you.
  3. Do things alone: Often times we feel rushed because we’re doing things on someone else’s time. I recommend doing things alone sometimes so you don’t feel pressured or stressed to be anywhere at any specific time. It’ll also allow you to enjoy your own company and get lost in your thoughts. 🙂
  4. Go on a road trip: Whether it’s one hour away or a bit further, get in your car or on a bus/train and head somewhere outside of your daily environment. If you’re someone like me who feels bad when she can’t attend every event then physically removing yourself from your day-to-day life will do you some good.
  5. Learn to prioritize yourself: This final step consists of several steps; it’s about prioritizing the things you need to do to keep your mind at peace, your body in shape and your soul fed. This is different for everyone but of the upmost importance for us all. Love you and help you…then you can be better placed to be of service to others.

I’d love to hear about the steps you take to slow life down when things get too hectic! Let me know in the comments below.

Stay tuned for my next post!

xo Amanda


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