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10 Things To Do This Fall


It took a while for it to really feel like Fall around here but now that the trees are changing, I can actually smell the fresh crisp Fall air and it’s chilly enough for hot coco…I can confidently say, FALL IS HERE. Before Winter decides to randomly grace us with its presence…I’m getting out there and enjoying my favourite season before it’s too late! Scroll down for my list of 10 Things To Do This Fall.

1. Enjoy the outdoors: find those hidden gems in your city, take in the fresh crisp air and get lost on an adventure

2. Detox: fill your body, mind and spirit with good stuff – tell yourself you’re beautiful, invest in your spiritual life, eat better, drink lots of water and get into an exercise routine that works with your lifestyle

3. Indoor Date Night: have a movie night, cook a fancy dinner for two @ home or have a sermon watching night…social media free!

4. Plan a weekend getaway: my weekend getaway bucket list location is ‘Muskoka’…check out this Muskoka Getaway Resort here

5. Go apple picking: it’s a fun and simple outdoor activity and you get delicious, juicy apples out of it!

6. Bake something yummy!: maybe a crockpot hot chocolate batch, an apple pie or simple chocolate chip cookies from scratch?

7. Go to a sporting event: whether you love hockey or football, the seasons are now in full swing so get yourself a pair of tickets and support your fav team!

8. Read a great thriller: have a look at Indigo’s Mystery, Thriller & Suspense book section for some options

9. Cook homemade chili: check out this amazing recipe here

10. Give your home/bedroom a makeover: add lovely Fall colour accents, scented candles and/or decorative pillows; I love adding little details here and there to our home because it makes it feel that much cozier

And that is it, not too complicated eh? What are you getting up to this Fall?

Stay tuned for my next post!

xo Amanda.


Our Wedding Day

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and one thing I’m extremely thankful for this year is my Husband…he’s gentle, patient, loving, caring and my biggest fan and supporter. Our Wedding Day was hectic, nerve-racking and sometimes stressful but those intimate moments we had when it was just the two of us during the ceremony, taking our couple photos, eating dinner or just taking a step back to look at our family and friends truly enjoying themselves really made it all worth it. I thank God every day for him and for our marriage…we’re not perfect but we love each other and never stop trying to be better for each other every single day and for that…I couldn’t be happier.

Here are some highlights from our Wedding Day…hope you enjoy it 🙂

My husband…so handsome! Wowzers! xoxo

And they lived happily ever after…xo

I’m looking forward to sharing a chit-chat video with you all about my wedding planning experience.

Stay tuned for my next post!

xo Amanda.


Photography by: Narsete Photography.





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