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Fall is my FAVOURITE season! It’s not too hot, not too cold and it’s not too rainy! Leather jackets, dark clothing, hot chocolate and the fact that it’s sometimes not too cold for iced coffees (my fav!) gets me so excited! Although Fall is definitely about switching up your wardrobe and in some cases your beauty routine, I find that Fall is the perfect season to “start over”. Not that you completely screwed up over the summer, didn’t get anything accomplished or anything like that and even if you did aint no shame or blame in that but once things start quieting down before the Holidays I think that the first month or two of Fall is just perfect for laying low, spending time with yourself and looking forward to the months ahead because we all know nobody has time for anything during the crazy Holiday months!

One thing I’ve learned is that no matter how crazy any season in my life may get, I have to always take a second to breathe and examine where I’m at with myself and Fall is the perfect season to do so. It’s that little break we get after the hecticness of the summer months and right before the craziness of the upcoming Holidays! Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy reading Fall Transition blog posts and how to layer different clothing or switch up my summer outfits to fit with the new weather but there’s always that “inner you” aspect of Fall Transitioning missing; so, here I am today sharing 3 simple tips to transition your inner self into Fall Mode!

1. Declutter your wardrobe and personal spaces: don’t keep anything that’s going to make you feel overwhelmed; as much as cleaning can be a drag sometimes it can also be therapeutic. Keeping your surroundings in order as much as you can will actually make you feel like you’re in control and have things together.

2. Book a few days off to enjoy time with yourself: you’ll hear/read me saying this a lot on #TheSimpleLifeBlog because this is something I truly believe in; having been that person who feared being alone I can honestly say that as soon as I forced myself to fall in love with my own company my life changed.

3. Set some kind of goal: I have a bone to pick with goal setting but let’s leave that for another post! Setting a goal for yourself whether it be with your fitness, your education, learning how to cook a new dish or starting up a new hobby gives you something to look forward to and work towards. It can be big or small but it’s always a good idea to challenge yourself and do something new that will benefit you and your life.

And for those of you (including me) who are always looking for a few new simple tips to switch up your wardrobe for Fall…here are my #SimpleSuggestions:

Invest in a good and sturdy leather jacket! This doesn’t need to cost you a fortune, I got this leather jacket from Zara and it was under $100! Similar here and here.

A nice pair of slip-on trainers like these ones, sneaks or loafers are great for chillier days when your sandals or flats won’t cut it.

Keep the sunnies near ya! Just because summer is gone doesn’t mean the sun isn’t going to come out to play so don’t put away your nice pair of sunnies just yet!

Lastly, just smile. It’s a new season, more to look forward to over the coming months and life is beautiful. I thank God every day that I’m healthy, alive and safe; with everything going on in the world these days I can’t help but to be thankful. I’m keeping my thoughts and prayers with the people of Mexico, with all the recent earthquake/hurricane survivors and with the familes and loved ones of those who have passed.

Stay tuned for my next post!

xo Amanda.



Photography by: Lisa Provencal Photography.

Viva, Mexico! Our Honeymoon Recap

Beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico…I’ll never forget you! We’ve been back from our #MexicanHoneymoon for a few days now and I’m already starting to miss the ocean. My husband and I haven’t travelled too much but the Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya was one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been. The service, the food, and the weather was excellent and we’re so blessed to have had the opportunity to travel there for our honeymoon.

Although I unfortunately forgot my DSLR, we snapped a lot of iPhotos while we were there and I’m excited to share them with you today! Have a look 🙂

Greeted by #HRHRivieraMaya staff with this cute champagne set-up and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Clear blue waters…to die for!

Our breakfast routine consisted of coffee, platanos, eggs, frijoles, fruits and waffles…what more does a person need?

The food in Mexico was amazing! We ate…plenty.

The plating was so carefully thought out; you can tell they really pay attention to detail. Love!

One “hard” part of being on vacation (for me) was wanting to be in my bathing suit all day and not feeling like dressing up but I definitely made an effort. We look good!!!

Here are a few of our #OOTNs:

Outfit 1: Lace Crop Top (old) – Zara Jeans (similar) | Outfit 2: Fashion Nova Peach Dress | Outfit 3: Fashion Nova White Dress

Now on to the fun stuff! We went on about four excursions which included hiking, climbing the Coba Mayan Temple, repelling into a bat cave, zip lining, canoeing and horseback riding – we had a blast!

Mountain top with a serious view!

All in all, we’re happy to be back home and can’t wait to go on our next adventure! 🙂

I’m back on track with blogging so stay tuned for my next post ya’ll!

xo Amanda




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