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I’ve been in love with lifestyle blogs for YEARS…I really look forward to getting up each morning and seeing what’s hot and poppin in the online world! A lot of my blogging inspiration comes from these blogs and today I wanted to share FIVE lifestyle blogs I think you should follow. Check them out! 🙂

First up, Helena Glazer Hodne aka Brooklyn Blonde: I’ve been following the Brooklyn Blonde blog for over five years…I love Helena’s style! It’s simple, classy and bold. She showcases the city she lives in which I LOVE and her photography is always on point. She’s also expanded her blog to include posts about her motherhood journey which is really nice to read about and see her transition into a new chapter in her life.

Next up is Coco Bassey from MILLENNIELLE; I just discovered her about a month ago and I fell in LOVE with her blog! She has a bit of everything (style, beauty, recipes, wellness tips etc) and it’s so nice to see a beautiful Black woman killin the blogging game. Go get em, girl!

The third lifestyle blog I am ABSOLUTELY obsessed with is The Everygirl; if you’re looking for style, beauty, décor, relationship advice, career, travel, finance tips…this IS the place to be. I can’t believe how these bloggers have managed to include everything you need to know about LIFE into one online platform. PHENOMENAL.

Moving on to Christine Andrew from Hello Fashion Blog which incorporates family life in the most effortless and chic way! This is THE family blog to follow, she’s a wife, a mother and her own boss! Showing you how you can do it all and still look good doing it. #GIRLPOWER

And last, but CERTAINLY not least…my favourite lifestyle blogger…Stephanie Sterjovski Jolly from SS LIFE + STYLE. She’s Canadian, she’s Christian and her blog layout, imagery and content is TOP NOTCH. She shares style, travel, décor and beauty tips all while staying true to her morals and values. Not afraid to talk about her love for Jesus…Stephanie, you’re the real deal.

Any lifestyle blogs you’re obsessed with? I love discovering new blogs so feel free to share them with me!

Stay tuned for my next post!

xo Amanda.


Forever 21 is one of my go-to clothing stores for affordable everyday Spring and Summer dresses. Every season, I always think I have no clothes even if my closet is FULL; so, when I found this pretty floral bell sleeve dress I forgot I bought last Spring…I was VERY excited!

For a casual look, you can either choose to let the dress speak for itself and keep everything minimal…or? (p.s. any pair of Oxford shoes or wedges will do)

Add a leather jacket and a fedora hat and you’ll have instantly taken your outfit from a casual day look to ‘rocker chic’ for a night on the town!

I’m all about florals this Spring and these bell sleeves, I love! Very cute and feminine.

Dress: similar here, here, and here. | Leather Jacket: similar here and here. | Hat: similar here.

Ever find a clothing item in your closet that you completely forgot you bought?

Stay tuned for my next post!

xo Amanda.


Photo Credit: Lisa Provencal Photography.


Ever heard of people saying their mood changes when the weather changes? That’s me, 100%. I’m so happy to say that, finally, Spring is in FULL swing here in Ottawa. Not that I hate winter but the cold, the snowstorms and the limited amount of outdoor activities I can do really gets to me. Especially because one of my favourite things to do is go for a walk; Ottawa has so many nature trails, some by the water and some in the forest that it doesn’t really matter where I go as long as I’m outside and there’s fresh air I always feel a sense of calm and peace.

If you know me at all, you’ll know that it’s the little things that matter to me like the smell of fresh air, a soft breeze…and true tranquility.

Things like that DEFINITELY make me feel some type of way!

Thank you, God, for this planet.

Being able to enjoy the sun, the fresh air and the endless open fields Ottawa has to offer brings me so much joy.

This is my home.

Nature heals me; it allows me to reflect on life and my struggles freely, with an open mind and without any distractions.

I truly feel that I’m at my best when I’m outside, paying attention to every hidden detail and feeling every gust of wind.

#SimpleTip: I challenge you to get out there and explore your surroundings and discover hidden gems you never noticed before, you’ll be surprised at what you find.

It might make you appreciate your hometown, current place of residence and/or country a little more.

Life is short, tomorrow is not guaranteed and I am going to live it, enjoy it and truly experience it.

Will you?

Stay tuned for my next post!

xo Amanda.




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