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Simple Guide | Wedding Registry Planning

Salut, mes amours! / Hi, my loves!

Today on my blog, I’m giving all my 2017 brides a bit of a hand in ‘Wedding Registry Planning’! For those of you who aren’t living with your significant other, a wedding registry is kind of a big deal. You have to be very strategic with what you pick by taking into consideration two really important things:

1. price range (nice things ≠ expensive things) 

2. necessities. (what do you ACTUALLY need?)

I’ve rounded up a list of key items I think every bride and groom should consider when putting together their wedding registry; items range anywhere from $14 – $230 CAD. I really think it’s important not to include crazy expensive items on your wedding registry because let’s face it, the people who are coming to your wedding are your family and close friends so it’s always nice to take into consideration their finances and not just think about your own needs. Nah mean?

So, tell me…for those of you getting married this year, have you started working on your wedding registry yet? We finalized ours a few weeks ago! 🙂

Stay tuned for my next post!

xo Amanda.


For The Kitchen:

  1. Keurig – $220
  2. Hubby & Wifey Mug Set – $43
  3. Plates – $40
  4. Glass cups – $33
  5. Copper Cutlery Set – $58
  6. Pots – $70
  7. KitchenAid Mixer – $230
  8. Wine Glasses – $14
  9. Set of Knives – $140

For The Living Room:

  1. Basket: similar here – $90 or here – $20
  2. Metal basket (rose gold) – $18
  3. Throw Blanket – $60
  4. Throw Pillows – $30
  5. Set of Frames – $70
  6. Special Wedding Photo Frame – $52


For The Bedroom & Bathroom:

  1. Metal Garbage Bin – $15
  2. Bath Towel Set – $52 (all items)
  3. Shower Curtains – $30
  4. Bath Sink Accessories –  $36 (all items)
  5. 5-piece Comforter Set – $84
  6. Pillows – $15


Simple Wardrobe Essentials | Spring Transition

Salut, mes amours! / Hi, my loves!

Today on my blog, I’m sharing with you ‘Simple Wardrobe Essentials’ you need to stock up on when transitioning to Spring.

I know the first ‘official’ day of Spring was on Monday (woo!) but just because the first day of Spring has arrived it doesn’t mean that mother nature is 100% ready to grace us with appropriate weather. I think that for the first few weeks of a new season we’re in transition mode, which means the weather is still trying to figure out whether it wants to let go of the previous season or not. I’d like to think of it as mother nature having a bit of attachment issues as she moves on to the next season. #ANNOYING. hehe 🙂

Nonetheless, to prepare yourself there are a few key simple items you should start incorporating into your wardrobe.

Let’s begin:

Jackets: I think it is now NECESSARY to #PARKTHATPARKA. Unless you wake up one morning and there’s a massive snowstorm or it’s -30 outside there’s no reason to be trucking around in that huge parka you’ve worn all winter. It was acceptable perhaps a few weeks ago but now it’s time to park it. Opt for something lighter like an army jacket, a leather jacket or a nice wool coat. I suggest a wool coat simply because some days will be chilly and you don’t want to freeze while trying to look cute.

Tops: A nice light blouse, tshirt or  sweater is perfect. A lighter blouse for the office will make you feel a bit more spring-y and joyful, a t-shirt for those relaxing #CasualFridays or weekend lunch dates will add a bit more casualness to your outfits and on days when you want to say screw the jacket because it’s warm enough to leave it in your closet then a light sweater will do the trick.

Bottoms: Personally, I don’t start breaking out the shorts and skirts or anything that involves my bare legs until I don’t see one drop of snow on the ground anymore. What I DO like to do is start showing some ‘skin’ in a bit more of a subtle way like a capree office trouser where I can show off my ankles or a nice pair of ripped jeans. I also recommend a white pair of jeans/pants on rain-free days because that in itself will brighten up your outfit.

Shoes: As for shoes, I would make sure to invest in the following three items: a nice pair of sneakers, an ankle bootie and a colourful pair of flats or heels. Unless you’re wearing rain boots on a rainy day I would do my best to stick to sneaks, booties and flats or heels (depending on the occasion). One thing I hate about winter wear are big ol boots. They’re clunky, they get in the way, they’re messy and they make me look much shorter than I am lol. #NotFoMe.

Accessories: For bags, I think adding light and bright colours to your bag collection is a MUST. A tan backpack is so cute and stylish, a bright coloured satchel or evening bag allows your girls or man to see you coming from a mile away and a bright RED tote on those gloomier Spring days will keep your spirits up when all you’re craving is sunshine. A nice light scarf does the trick on the days where you thought you were a hero and didn’t wear a jacket but 5 p.m. comes along and the wind decides to come out to play. Wrap this bad boy around you and you’re good to go. 🙂 Oversized sunnies are ALWAYS nice to have and adding a choker to your evening wear adds the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

Now, I know every single person’s style is completely different and some of these items won’t work for everyone BUT the key is that swapping in some simple wardrobe essentials when transitioning from one season to another can not only step your style game up but it can also make you feel like you’re not always wearing the same thing every single day. Trust me, true beauty is found within but feeling as beautiful on the outside as you do on the inside can really make a difference in your confidence.

So, tell me…are there any other simple wardrobe essentials you would suggest incorporating into your ‘Spring Transitioning” style/outfits?

Stay tuned for my next post!

xo Amanda.


Get Ready With Me | Golden Glam


Salut, mes amours! / Hi, my loves!

Today on my blog, I’m sharing a little impromptu GRWM: Golden Glam makeup look I created. This is me getting ready, turning up to my fav tunes! Lol.

I really love how this turned out; I used lots of gold shimmer and highlight on my base and eye lids and I finished off the look with a nude brown lip.

Head over to my Youtube channel to have a look. 🙂

Stay tuned for my next post!

xo Amanda.




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